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"The Dwindling Book One" Premieres

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What if the Little People came back from self-imposed exile, smack into the middle of World War Two, and brought their magical continent (and their own war) with them? What if some of them have been hiding inside some of us all along, awaiting a wake-up call?


1945: The Second World War approaches its climax.

The magical races of Faerie watch from their self-imposed exile beyond the Schism - a dimensional veil created to separate them from the mortals when their magic could no longer keep them hidden. The gentle races ache with sorrow and long for the simple days when human-folk glimpsed them with wonder, while the dark predators lust for the lifeblood beyond the reach of their fangs and claws. Their need for the mortals and the vitality of their native Earth is slowly killing them – immortals! – with a wasting disease called the Dwindling.

The Schism is thinning. If nothing is done, it will give way, and all the magic penned in an empty, sterilized parallel Earth, including the living continent Faerie, will rush back home with disastrous consequences world-wide. The races of Faerie dispute the desirability of such an occurrence; so much so that war seems inevitable.


The only hope for those who wish to avoid the dissolution of the Schism is a mechanic from Pennsylvania who is totally unaware that he carries inside him the Dwindled spirit of Fyndil Stellarson, the architect of the Schism.

Private Al Terity never expected he’d meet a Gremlin ... on a beach ... in the South Pacific ... in the middle of World War Two. No, Al was supposed to marry his sweetheart Sarah, settle down, raise a couple of kids, and grow old with her. He loved Sarah; she chased away the darkness of the past, a past so dark he’s hidden it away, even from himself. But Sarah is gone, or so he thinks – run down in the street the same night he met Donnelly. Donnelly ... his buddy ... who encouraged him to enlist ... who lies gut-shot next to him in the sand, while Japanese machine guns chew up his company one grunt at a time.

Nope. Al Terity never expected he’d meet a Gremlin who’d offer him a deal to save his company ... his friends. And all it’ll cost him is ... unclear. Funny how life is.

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